In cooperation with SALUDO 2021 ( and the Government of Alberta Canadian Heritage

Day 2 Panelists:

Keren Tang

Joseph Luri

Susana Runge


Read their bios below:

Keren is a mom, community organizer, and a political candidate for the upcoming City Council election in Edmonton. She merges her background in public health, community development, human-centred design, and the social determinants of health, and is a firm believer in the power of peer-to-peer, neighbour-to-neighbour networks.Currently, she is working with the McConnell Foundation and partners across the country and overseas building robust social infrastructures at the neighborhood level. Previously, she managed Recover, the social innovation initiative at the City of Edmonton to improve urban wellness in the downtown core. She is passionate about working with ethnocultural communities in civic engagement and health promotion.A Top 40 Under 40, Keren also serves on the board of the Edmonton Community Foundation and ASSIST Community Services (for newcomers), and is active with the Edmonton Multicultural Coalition. Beyond her community involvement, Keren is an avid skier and loves spending time with her family in the mountains.

Joseph Luri has been a settlement practitioner in Edmonton since 2007 and is currently a team leader for the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers Domestic Violence Prevention Program. Joseph Luri is one of the founders of the Africa Centre, and the Sudanese Community Association has worked tirelessly over the years to help that community become what it is today. He has worked with families, youth and children from the Sudanese and other African communities.Mr. Luri also started the homework club known as SKY (Supporting Kids and Youth) running out of Eastwood that runs every Saturday from Elementary, Junior and Senior high schools. He has supported countless families in distress or in need of other resources. He is the recipient of many awards that included the 2018 Mary Burlie Award for effective program/and or services to the Black Community and the 2017 Inspiration Awards for helping newcomer families build stronger relationships.

Susana is member of the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op, with training in areas of health and community development and education; she has more than 14 years of experience working with diverse communities and agencies in the health and community development areas. She has a background in visual communication and was a producer of radio and television health and education programs. Her experience includes the production of educational videos and printed media, for medical personnel and patients of the Grey Nuns Hospital of Edmonton, Alberta, and previously for the Ministries of Health and Education in City of Mexico.Beyond the grassroots & direct community work she has contributed in her coordination role in several innovative projects around immigrant health & well-being in partnership with many mainstream institutions (Alberta Health Services, Health Canada and others). She is passionate about helping others, supporting and advocating for the most vulnerable individuals and heir families.


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