The University of the Philippines Alumni Association – Edmonton (UPAAE) would like to acknowledge the support of the following HISTORYA 2021 partners:

(1) This year’s HISTORYA event is funded by the Canadian Heritage.

“Canadian Heritage and its portfolio organizations play a vital role in the cultural, civic and economic life of Canadians. Arts, culture and heritage represent more than $56 billion in the Canadian economy and close to 655,000 jobs in sectors such as film and video, broadcasting, music, publishing, archives, performing arts, heritage institutions, festivals and celebrations.”

Learn more about the Canadian Heritage here:

(2) UPAAE’s HISTORYA 2021 is also in cooperation with SALUDO 2021.

“Saludo 2021 provides a free portal for all Philippine Heritage events across the country so we can promote events in a bigger scale and make them available to audience all across Canada, no matter which province you come from.”

Learn more about the events of SALUDO 2021 here:

Again, UPAAE says thank you for your support in our causes and advocacies.

We are excited to have you in this HISTORYA 2021 journey!

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