Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, a group of University of the Philippines (UP) alumni has established the University of the Philippines Alumni Association Edmonton (UPAAE).  The work to incorporate the new association began in June 2013 and the inaugural meeting was held on July 18, 2013.

An enthusiastic group of alumni who attended UP from the 1960s through the early 2000s convened to begin the review process of the association’s by-laws, choose the UPAAE logo, and brainstorm on worthy projects that will benefit the members, the Philippine community and the city at large.

UPAAE was formed to pursue the following objectives: (1) to foster fellowship and cooperation among the members of the association, (2) to promote education and skills training through scholarships, bursaries, and similar programs, (3) to undertake projects and programs that will inform, support, and assist members and the community at large in areas of need (i.e., legal, medical, socio-economic, and the like), (4) to support the promotion of Philippine culture and heritage; and (5) to provide a channel of communication between the University of the Philippines and the members of the association.

UPAAE Board Members 2020-2022

President:                  Lucenia Ortiz

Vice President:         Michelle Lucena

Secretary:                  Karen Lechonsito – Moore

Treasurer:                  Anna Kristina Mina

Director-at-Large:    Maeco Ignacio



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