HISTORYA is an intercultural learning experience that will engage Canadians in sharing the history and journey of migration of diverse migrants who have made Canada their home.

This event is hosted by the University of the Philippines Alumni Association – Edmonton (UPAAE).

This two-day online event is part of the national celebration of this year’s Philippine Heritage Month.

This event will feature:

● a presentation of the Philippine history and the Filipino migration to Canada;

● a multicultural panel discussion about how the Filipino experience resonates with the experience of many migrants to Canada; and,

● an interactive discussion on how we can build bridges and create a culture of inclusion in our communities.

Join us as we build connections and solidarity among cultural communities grounded on shared histories and experience. Together, we can create ways to support each other through recognizing our common challenges and aspirations. Together, we can establish harmony in our culture while we strive to belong, to achieve a better life, and to be productive members of the Canadian society.

We are sailing soon.

Get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/…/historya-2021-tickets…

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